Current Projects

Project Ruddock

Seven strangers. Six months. One album cycle.

Project Ruddock is a new recording experiment developed by Charlie Bow in 2012 that will take place from May to November in 2013. The purpose of the project is to explore new possibilities in recording and performing music. Phase one involves recording an album using online collaboration protocols developed by Freedom Fever Music from 2010-2012. Phase two will commence in the summer and will consist of performances utilizing a mixing engineer as the centerpiece of the band. Both initiatives are exciting new concepts that could have permanent effects on our methodology here at Freedom Fever. We are excited to hear and see the results from this fantastic group of pioneering musicians.

The project is named for Osbourne Ruddock, the first mixing engineer to use recording tools to make new music. Known popularly as King Tubby, he simultaneously invented Dub music and the concept of the ‘remix’. We owe him a lot of gratitude.

Producer: Charlie Bow
Musical Director: Joseba Brit
Musicians: Charlie Bow, Joseba Brit, Terry Tomei, Ruth Heald, Booth Wilson, Bonsai

Foundation Website Initiative

A Freelance Marketplace for Home Studiologists

We are in the early development stages of a new web website that will allow freelance musicians a new way to collaborate and exchange professional services. Our aim is to break down many of the industry boundaries that prevent independent artists access to licensing opportunities and professional services. We cannot reveal specifics quite yet, but we are very excited for the potential of this project. If you are a programmer, developer, or genius and would like to help, please contact us for opportunities.

Past Projects


Comfort zones are for cowards.

Take a poet, a drummer, and folk singer. Mash them together for a year. What do you get?

A rap album.

The greatest folk-hop record you have never heard.In 2009, I was deeply involved in an exploration of the intersections of hip hop music and Americana. I was half way through a sample-based instrumental record when my good friend, William Nelekona, suggested we take it one step further. We began writing raps and recruited folk singer Chelsey Coy to add a woman’s delicate touch. The result was some of the most explorative music we have ever developed here at Freedom Fever. You can download Salvae in its¬†entirety¬†below.

Download Salvae

We Are The Pilots

Experiments in Live Recording

We Are The Pilots was a band from Orange County, California. In 2011, we recorded an EP consisting of songs selected from their live set. We tracked seven songs using various recording techniques we developed for live projects. The experimental techniques yielded very similar results to non-experimental techniques. You cannot win every time you take the field and sometimes you have to learn the hard way. We took some great lessons from the project and recorded some great music in the process.