Here’s how it works. You are producing a marketing video, commercial, film, or stage production. You need music to enhance the movement and energy of your production. You call Freedom Fever. Great idea.

We discuss your project and goals. We get to know your aesthetic and vibe. We define the role the music will play. We establish requirements and deadlines. Then we get to work.

We do not adhere to any specific approach to production. We generally think of music as curated energy. We are translators of this energy. We tailor our approach to each project and each client. We spend as much time field recording in the real world as we do in the confines of our studio. We employ super modern production methods and some that probably haven’t been invented yet. The end result is music that you could not possible find anywhere else tailored perfectly to your project.

We write 1-3 revisions into all of our proposals to guarantee that you get what you want even if you are not ‘musically fluent.’ When you approve the composition, we mix and master the recording and deliver it in whatever standard you require for production. We will even work with your editors to incorporate dialogue and foley.

We license our songs for only what you require. No hidden costs. No surprises. Our approach is entirely designed to avoid the pitfalls of working with the music industry. We are a small team of innovators. We work with local creative agencies and independent producers. We deliver a big sounds for small budgets.